Eccentric and concentric deep hole boring


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Eccentric and concentric deep hole boring

Deep hole boring is a highly technical but very economical method to produce bores in dia , lenght ratio not achivabe with conventional drilling tools.. In order to perform the drilling operation, special designed machines are required with a complex monitoring system to observe the drilling process. In general, those systems observe and control feed force , torque , coolant pressure and power consumption during the drilling process .

If your requiremets are concentric or excentric bores, as well as none rotatable components , we have 12 speceleised machines at out disposal to accomplishe the task.

The design of those machines enables us to drill off center, rotating tool only , single spindle up to 6000mm boresepth. Multi spindle drilling for the same application is capable of 2500mm bore depth.

Because of our experience at Kaise Machinenbau we know that vibration during deep hole drilling is determental to the tool and the quality of the bore. Therefor , all of our machines have special vibration absorbend unit installed to counter act against any ocuring vibration during the drilling process.

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