Sawing with a bandsaw


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Sawing with a bandsaw

To cut your components straight and precise, we unteliese state of the art band saws and the resut is an economical cost per cut.

To increase the surface finish and quality of the saw cut , only the most advanced tooth geometrie on the band saw balde in implemented. A combination of coolant and constant tooth cleaning during cutting process, the cut surfaces of your component will be of superior finish and acurassy

Sawing has changed a lot in the last years. The development of new tooth geometries and tooth pitches has produced increased production rates and greater blade life. New materials and processes have produced sawing-results that were thought impossible just a few years ago. Research and development in saw technologie has produced superior cutting blade bands as well as disk’s. The major acomplishment is faster cutting, longer tool life , new base material and geometeie as well as less strain on the machine.

The cooporation betwen the blade manufacture and the band saw machine manufacturer resuted in our today available high preformans sawing system’s.Kaiser Machinenbau is proude to uteliese the most modern machine on the market today. We have 5 CNC sawing machines at our disposal and ready to work for you. Please contact our sawing departement with your requirements.

Kaiser Maschinenbau can look back on many years of metalcutting. Sawing your parts with our high tech bandsaws is one of the things we are loking forward to.