Straightening metal-workpieces


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Straightening metal-workpieces

Straightening can be compared to bending. The difference between straightening and bending is that you have to rework the workpiece after the bending again. In straightening this is not necessary.

Straightening machines are presses or bending fixtures. Our modern presses are able to run a fully automated and computerized process that allows us to straighten workpieces very accurate. Our clients who do their straightening at Kaisers Maschinenbau are always satisfied.

Straightening is used to process tubes and aluminium sheets. Only straightening machines with high technical standards are capable of straightening tubes correctly. Of course Kaisers straightening machines are up to the mark.

Aluminium sheets are straightened after the milling. You differ between Hot-Straightening and Cold-Straightening. At Kaiser Maschinenbau we have got three straightening-machines for different tasks.

If you think of straightening your workpieces , Kaiser Maschinenbau can help you . Call us and ask for an quotation. Also our stuff in the straightening departement can assist You with your requirement’s.